B i o g r a p h y

Sherry Reeves’ journey to becoming a respected Jazz flutist began in Birmingham, Alabama at the age of ten, when she took band classes at McCaw Elementary School under the tutelage of legendary Jazz great trumpeter, Charles Daniels, who played with the Big Band giants of Jazz’s Golden Age. She carried her passion for the instrument into Jackson-Olin High School where she won top honors for her musicianship: among them, First Chair in Birmingham All-City and Alabama All-State Orchestra competitions.


Sherry’s development did not end with high school, however. Once she joined the orchestra at her church, she was exposed to a world of music that would later define her musical career and her distinctive sound. Her church, More Than Conquerors, had a musical director who encouraged her to play by ear, as the musicians there did not always use sheet music to present their renditions. Thus, her skill for pitch recognition, melodic interpretation, and improvisation was being finely honed. As it turned out, the musical director, as well as several other musicians at her church, played professionally with some of the top musical talents in the state of Alabama as well as the country in the genres of Contemporary Jazz and R&B. Being in the company of such talent for some twenty years, Sherry was eventually asked by the musical director to play gigs with him outside the church and in various musical venues, from social events and nightclubs to parks and auditoriums. Doing this for several years gave her a vast repertoire and exposed her talent to an even larger audience.


Sherry describes the genesis of her motivations with these words, “I developed the desire to play publicly after being invited by the manager of a recording Jazz group to play for a wedding reception. My eyes were opened as I saw how people enjoyed my sound and music. From there on, I have performed with a number of artists, played private parties, receptions, wineries and stage plays.” It wasn’t long before people who listened to Sherry started asking her to do a project of her own, stepping out of the background into the spotlight. While it was a long time coming, she has finally done it! Her first single debut, “5 A.M.” is currently available through music download channels and is being played in Jazz radio formats throughout the country, and a full-length album was released in Summer 2014.